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Midway 8080 PCB

  • <center>Midway 8080 PCB<center>

Built with our friends at Sinistersoft, the Midway 8080 PCB runs games via an onscreen menu. Virtual Dip Switches are available for each romset and the monitor variations on our menu include:

1. B&W or Colour mode all applicable games
2. Horizontal or vertical display with or without scanlines
3. Any combination + Screen flip for cocktail mode
4. Mirror mode for use in original cabinets

The board is cycle accurate and can be displayed side by side with original Midway boards showing frame accuracy at 60Hz synced to the vertical blank interupt. A version that runs in a browser is available in the Downloads Section of this site. The sound in a browser may not be accurate.


Multi Invaders PCB


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