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The AirGuardian Health Filter

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London’s air is so dirty and polluted it amounts to nothing less than a serious public health crisis. It breaches legal limits and blights the lives of Londoners, resulting in thousands of premature deaths every year and causing a range of lethal and debilitating illnesses, including cancer, heart disease and dementia

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This Problem Can Be Fixed Immediately

The Air Guardian Health Filter just needs to be plugged in and along with destroying viruses it will detect and remove harmful PM2.5 from the immediate vicinity using it's (Patent Pending) micro-controlled air distribution system.

We all love the electric car - who wouldn’t but until every major city has one hundred percent of it’s road vehicles running on electricity there is a constant danger from pollution and it’s time to get real. Deliveries in towns and cities are still going to be made by vehicles with diesel engines pumping out nasty contaminants that are detrimental to health.

It isn’t good but we have a solution available right now that costs less and causes far less chaos with installing infrastructure in cities in every country on the planet.

We can mitigate the danger from realistically unavoidable pollutants effectively and cheaply with the
Air Guardian Health Filter and until there are electric charging points in every major city it remains the only effective way to protect people’s health.

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The Air Guardian Health Filter is the most advanced protection from particulates because we not only monitor harmful pollutants, we also filter them, display the current danger from them and also destroy viruses at the same time. Our detector displays PM2.5 pollution in a given area and continues to operate until safe levels are achieved.

Put simply until external dangers from poor air quality are eliminated, the Air Guardian Health Filter is here to prevent harm from airborne pollutants. Taking Transport For London as an example in one major city, by equipping every black cab with our system it not only provides an incentive to use that transport but our visual display reassures passengers that their air is clean and safe.

It doesn’t stop there. Our field testing over the years has included versions for offices, homes, buses and even babies’ prams and the system is scalable to suit user requirements. After the realisation that the majority of London’s hospitals exceed legal air pollution limits, the possibility of future lawsuits against the NHS cannot be underestimated.

We can prevent future problems by protecting people right now and in conjunction with an air conditioning company it would be possible to retrofit existing ventilation systems far more cheaply than the current upheaval to our transport network would cause.

We say it is easier to remove the danger from poor air quality in the immediate term whilst long term solutions are designed and implemented.

If you require any further information on or a demonstration of Air Guardian Health Filter please get in touch.

We can provide all data showing our field testing and the benefits of using the Air Guardian Health Filter. Patent pending our product is British designed and could be manufactured in the UK for sale around the world.

This is a fantastic device and a great news story and you should get in touch as soon as you can.

Here are two pictures of The Air Guardian Health Filter showing both the external 3d printed casing and the internals with the bluetooth, PM sensor and control board.

What is not visible is the UV components of the product used to destroy viruses as the air is processed. For safety reasons the ultra violet tubing is housed beneath the filter and inaccessible to the user.

It is far more cost effective to equip transport, workplaces and homes with our Air Guardian Health Filter whilst the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles is put in place.

The system can be instantly demonstrated in a vehicle and we are available 24/7 should you need to get in touch.

The health of people living in areas which have a hazardous environment cannot be left until the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and with The Air Guardian Health Filter users can make themselves safe immediately.

We even have versions designed and tested to be used in prams and carrycots since children are just as much at risk as adults.
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The PC Side Of The System (Not Required In Normal Usage)

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Proposed Case Design - All The CAD Is Completed

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Graph Showing The Rapid Reduction Of Pollutants In Typical Family Sized Car

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